Design and Inspiration

crowd_smallCentral Park hosts a weekly Summer Concert Series that attracts over 1000 people each week. Every week, a stage is leased from Oakland County to service the concerts. A permanent location for these concerts—as well as other community events—was desired. In addition, Central Park currently does not have permanent public restrooms. This has also been a very long-term community goal: to provide public restrooms for all visitors of the Park.


In Central Park, next to the Ford Powerhouse and Pettibone Creek is a natural landscaped “bowl” that lends itself to the creation of terraced steps for the amphitheater. Carved into the land, the steps will face southwest toward a Pavilion that will be designed in the style of the Albert Kahn-designed Powerhouse.

mapThis Plan shows the location of the Amphitheater and the Pavilion along the creek. The Public Restrooms are located east of the project between the parking lot and the Playscape. The plan highlights the existing canopy of trees, the waterfall at Pettibone Creek and access to parking and the Playscape.

walking_drawingbuildingThe Public Restrooms will be styled after the Powerhouse building and located next to the parking lot and the Playscape Structure ©2018